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MYSQL Server 5.6 tests


MySQL Architecture

Use MySQL client programs to interface with the MySQL Server interactively and in batch
Describe how MySQL uses disk and memory resources
List and describe key characteristics of standard MySQL storage engines including InnoDB, NDB, MyISAM, MEMORY, FEDERATED

MySQL Server Installation, Configuration and Maintenance

Select, deploy, start and stop MySQL using appropriate binary packages for Windows and Linux platforms
Configure MySQL Server deployments using options files, command-line options and server variables.
Identify, configure, locate and describe appropriate use cases for MySQL the error, binary, general query and slow query log.

MySQL Security

Describe appropriate steps to secure a MySQL deployment at the operating system, filesystem and network levels.
Create and maintain user accounts with appropriate privileges and configuration.
Deploy and configure MySQL Enterprise Audit

Diagnostic Data and Metadata Sources in MySQL

Configure and leverage PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA tables to identify and diagnose performance problems.
Obtain MySQL metadata from INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables

Optimizing MySQL Performance

Demonstrate ability to diagnose and optimize poorly-performing queries.
Tune MySQL Server configuration for best performance.
Apply best practices in optimizing schema objects
Demonstrate understanding of locking concepts as applied to MySQL Server and storage engines.
Create and utilize table PARTITIONING

Backups and Recovery in MySQL

Create and restore logical backups using mysqldump
Create and restore binary backups
Use backups for data recovery

High Availability Techniques for MySQL

Describe, configure, deploy and troubleshoot MySQL replication
Describe and contrast characteristics of common MySQL high availability solutions (MySQL Cluster, DRBD, Windows Failover Clustering, Solaris Cluster, OVM Template for MySQL Enterprise)

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